Selasa, 07 Juni 2011

Lenovo Essential B570 Feature

Lenovo Essential B570 Feature Lenovo ThinkPad range of laptops, but those machines generally command high prices that not everyone can afford. The company's Essential B series is aimed at those who aren't quite as flush with cash. Despite packing in a second-generation Sandy Bridge Intel Core i3 processor, our configuration of the 15.6-inch Essential B570 can be bought for a shade under £390 from Laptops Direct and other vendors.

The line texture on the cover of the B570 laptops adds a professional look that's pleasing to both the eyes and hands. Lenovo B Series laptop help your small business or small-office/home-office save money and time, with its affordability and enhanced productivity features. The full-sized AccuType keyboard focuses on comfort and ergonomics. And the multitouch touchpad supports one- and two-finger use to zoom, move things around and more.

The B570 feature up to a 2nd Generation Intel Core i5 processor with Intel Technology 2.0, up to Genuine Windows 7 Professional, and Lenovo Enhanced Experience for Windows 7 with Lenovo RapidBoot technology, which delivers faster start-up and shutdown and optimized multimedia.

The multitouch touchpad supports one- and two-finger use, making it quick and easy to zoom in and out, move things around and more. Curved, sleek hinge on the B570 is stylish and functional, as it works with the easy-to-open clasp that requires only one-hand. Accessible ports make connecting to accessories, external monitor or TV, headphones, and more ultra-convenient. Thin and light with sleek curves, the B570 features portable power in a sleek package.

Product type Desktop replacement CPU manufacturer Intel CPU type Core i3-2310M OS family Microsoft Windows Operating system Windows 7 Home Premium Optical drive DVD writer Available colours Black Screen size 15.6 in. Weight 2.4 g Size (WxHxD) 378x33x252 mm

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