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SPESIFIKASI Laptop Samsung Shark

SPESIFIKASI Laptop Samsung Shark
Hark is the successor to the first generation of netbooks, which was launched in February. These first-generation offering something unique at that time: a battery life up to 12 hours.

This time, Samsung tried to fix the design. Shark was created with a combination of colors that resemble the color of the shark's body in the ocean. Her body Jerky ivory white on the outside, while inside the color black.

Body shiny outside is already designed antigores. As on the left and right, ergonomic design. When a slender body was covered, his posture looks like a shark.

Group Head of IT Business PT Samsung Electronics Indonesia Budi Santoso said, although the Shark created so slim, "Fixed supports mobility to work, stay online."

Netbook Shark NF210 has a 10.1-inch display with a glossy front section and ergonomic curve. Thick 1-inch netbook looks very thin. Antipantulan screen makes it easy when read under bright light.

Well, while his predecessors have 12-hour battery life, Samsung created a berbanderol Shark U.S. $ 429 with Windows 7 this with 14 hours of battery life.

Shark is using Intel Atom N550 processor with 250 gigabytes of internal memory and DDR3 type RAM capacity of 1 gigabyte. Wireless connection is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It also supports four different external memory cards and 3-4 USB ports.

Another feature is the flagship of the Phoenix Shyperspace Software Boot. This feature allows netbooks do multitasking without problems. For example, users can still use it to do some tasks while still surfing the Internet with multiple tabs on browser pages.

This netbook also features a USB Sleep and Charge and Fast Start. He facilitates the work efficiently without the hassle and time consuming. Turning this netbook also did not take long. When turned off and then turned on again, it only takes about 5 seconds.

Along with the launch netbook, Samsung is also launching a notebook SF410, with a design that is not much different from the netbook NF 210. He uses an Intel Dual Core i5.

Samsung uses a hybrid graphics system, ie install two graphics cards. Intel graphics card to maintain the battery savings and Nvidia graphics card for multimedia display quality.

"This technology supports the user who often displays his multimedia notebook but the battery can last long enough," said Felix Ignatius Tanumihardja, Notebook Product Manager of IT Business Department Samsung Electronics Indonesia.

This notebook has a premium lithium polymer battery, providing up to 7.5 hours endurance. He also has the features of Express Charging to recharge batteries quickly. It is useful at certain times when users do not have much time to wait for recharging. He only takes 2-3 hours to recharge the battery fully.

In this notebook there is One Touch keys, which serves to control the wireless connection to be connected quickly without going through a long stroke.

SF410 Notebooks priced from Rp 10.99 million. Felix said the notebook is a new flagship in the range of Samsung products. "For netbooks, we've started early this year and success. But, for notebooks, we've just started," he said.

Samsung netbook and notebook is equipped with features All Share. This allows them to connect with various electronic devices from Samsung.

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